A History of Violence (2005)

A History of Violence

A History of Violence (2005)

rated-r-white  | 96 minutes

Everyone has something to hide.

When a pair of petty criminals attempt to rob his small-town diner, Tom Stall (Viggo Mortensen) quickly and easily kills them both. In the flush of news coverage of Tom’s seemingly heroic actions, a threatening stranger named Carl Fogarty (Ed Harris) comes to town, fingering the unassuming family man as long-missing Philadelphia mobster Joey Cusack. To the horror of his wife, Edie (Maria Bello), and teenage son, Jack (Ashton Holmes), Tom finds he must confront his violent past.

Directed by David Cronenberg

Based on the “A History of Violence” graphic novel created by John Wagner and Vince Locke and published by Paradox Press/Vertigo.

Tom Stall/Joey Cusack
Edie Stall
Richie Cusack
Jack Stall
Sheriff Sam Carney
Carl Fogarty

MPAA Rated R Restricted for strong language and some sexual content


A History of Violence was released on September 30, 2005 and spent a total of twenty weeks (140 days) in theaters.

Production Budget
Estimated Budget $32 million
Box Office Revenue
Domestic Box Office
International Box Office
Worldwide Box Office $60,740,827

A New Line Cinema presentation of a Benderspink production.

Viggo MortensenViggo Mortensen was born October 20, 1958 in Manhattan, New York. He is known for his roles in The Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001-2003), Eastern Promises (2007) and The Road (2009).
Maria BelloMaria Bello was born April 18, 1967 in Norristown, Pennsylvania. She is known for her roles in Prisoners (2013), Thank You for Smoking (2005) and Payback (1999).
William HurtWilliam Hurt was born March 20, 1950 in Washington, DC. He is known for his roles in Into the Wild (2007), Dark City (1998) and The Incredible Hulk (2008).
Ashton HolmesAshton Holmes was born February 17, 1978 in Albany, New York. He is known for his roles in Wind Chill (2007), The Divide (2011) and Smart People (2008).
Stephen McHattieStephen McHattie was born February 3, 1947 in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. He is known for his roles in Watchmen (2009), A History of Violence (2005) and The Fountain (2006).
Peter MacNeillPeter MacNeill was born in New Brunswick, Canada. He is known for his roles in Open Range (2003), Frequency (2000) and the Call Me Fitz t(TV series).
Ed HarrisEd Harris was November 28, 1950 in Tenafly, New York. He is known for his roles in A Beautiful Mind (2001), Gravity (2013) and The Abyss (1989).